Creating Stickers for iMessage

We have decided on the creation of the iMessage Stickers, so people can express themselves an affluent and fun filled way in their conversations. Users can send stickers in the thread, adjust their size, peel and place them on top of their messages, or on other stickers and photos.

How to install and use our iMessage Stickers

By clicking the link below you can find a detailed and exact help to install and use our iMessage Stickers.
Please click here for more informations...

Lilimojis Celebrating Life Bundle

Lilimojis are the cutest way to say hi to your friends and loved ones! Or, just lighten up your day, tell your stories, have a chat, or shift your mood!

We have created Lilimojis Celebrating Life Bundle, out of love and appreciation for life! Our life, our love of art and creativity and a massive thanks for being there for us, inspire and support us along the way! Lilimojis Celebrating Life Bundle is calling you in this beautiful summer time, to spread your love, light, peace, and happiness! Even in the seemingly everyday-ish ongoings and happenings! Make it special! Celebrate Life! People, work, freedom, the things that you do! Let’s celebrate every inch of our existence and being! Who we are, and let’s spread that happiness and love around!


Lilimojis created by an enlightened artist, who expresses life, her life, her artistry with clarity and simplicity! You can be nice and lovable just with your basics! So she is encouraging us to go back to our basics! Find our basic needs! Feelings, what we want in life? People do everything for a feeling! Love, happiness, peace... it's simple! We want feelings! We do everything for feelings! So, if we want happiness, let's do things what make us happy! Let's have fun, celebrate, relax or wear a nice hat! If we want love, express it, tell, hug, or find the way to say it! If You are the one, who needs love, find love in you! Meditate, hike, ride a bike, a scooter, make yourself pretty, what ever you need to feel love for you again!

• The Lilimojis are a sweet and simple way to express our thoughts and feelings in conversations and,
• By using Lilimojis, you support clarified artistic values as well!
• Lets have Lilimoji-fun together,
• Fill your conversations with light, peace and happiness!

Animated Valentine Hearts

The Animated Valentine Hearts are very cool and modern way to express our feelings to the one-and-only in our life! Say it with feelings, say it with Heart!

Click on the heart below to see the animated stickers video:

Where can you find our stickers?

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