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We are very happy to announce, that our beautiful Hungarian poetry book has been published on iBook Store! ...And, with a special honor of ,,Made for iBooks,, badge, of which you can read about further down on this page! We made this digital work laced with gorgeous illustrations, and if you would like to download a free sample of it, please go to iBook Store, by clicking on the cover picture.

“The Best Books Made for iBooks Have Something Extra to Give to Readers”

"Made for iBooks is not just an expression. It is the tag that shows the reader that a book is not just another book. iBookstore editors have put together a list with the best interactive books.

When you know a book was made for iBooks, you know this is not just another .pdf or Word document someone turned into an ePub file. Sure, you can change the font size or rotate them all, but when it comes to a book that was made for iBooks, you know you are going to get amazing content.

The iBookstore editors say these iBooks bring stories, ideas and information to life. They are handpicked to make a great selection of books with features."

- from Adrian Boioglu, Softpedia.com -

Made for iBooks

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