Marketing Communications Specialist

I’ve graduated in International Relations at KJF (Kodolanyi János Főiskola, Budapest) in 2008.  My studies required a very strong research – writing and translating abilities, which evolved through the years into content and copywriting for all sorts of material. Like, academic and social publications, creative, inventive and interesting social media campaigns to help increase engagement. Writing blogs, build up public and media relations, for different products, artistic, technical, health or educational content. In truth, I’ve worked on many different kinds of material! My marketing communication methods are versatile. Doesn’t really matter, what kind of communication form the situation demands, I see it as an endless possibility to make the world focus on the product, business venture or content, what we want to publish, sell or impart, with the most creative and updated way it fits the market. We can brand, market or research your business, product or idea for social media and traditional marketing platforms both personal and public. Build up an image or a follower camp for you, or your business. Design, sell, advertise or publish really anything you want to market with online marketing or publication campaigns. As well as plan and conduct marketing strategies.

«I understand, that every business is different and the demand for meeting customer requirements are high! So, my fees are calculated especially for your business venture and customized for your needs and requirements. Furthermore, I offer a discount for regular business partners, and for regular engagement as well!»


I am a bilingual Hungarian living in England, with the proficiency in both English and Hungarian languages, written and spoken. I am really enthusiastic and passionate about both languages! Love the dynamics of being able to communicate with the right context, words or manner. My deepest passion are words and the way we are capable of self-expression through them. I understand the importance of communication and the magic that happens within. My linguistic and writing abilities and my deep connection with English-speaking countries and Hungary, helping me create a very diversified and meaningful communication system.  Also, I am very precise and have a love for detail. My translating and writing abilities developed through the years of research and academic work. Publishing and translating jobs of all kinds. Like art, literature, historical and political texts, essays and technical, business and marketing materials.

If you need a copy-, or a content writer, or just a really good writer-translator, a researcher, a marketing, PR or a communications specialist who can translate any material into English or Hungarian, call me, write to me, express your needs and we find brilliant ways to market your material, product or business on both languages!


«My fees are calculated by the demands of your business proposition and I can offer a discount for regular business partners, and for regular engagement as well!»

Quality Assurance, Empathic Tester

I have a strong desire for quality and a love for detail. As a natural observer, I have the ability to detect what makes the user experience better, more enjoyable, more precise to meet the needs of the customer. Always focusing on the satisfaction of the customer, and have the curiosity to understand the product. My evolved analyzing skills and out-of-box thinking can help your business venture to thrive within your field! I am an empathic tester, an observer by nature, with a well developed business savvy, and a love for detail. Also have an analytical mind and a problem-solving aptitude, with the understanding, that to deliver a product with quality, is the priority of every business!

«My fees are calculated by the needs of your business proposition, and I can offer a discount for regular mandate as well!»

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